• Do you suffer endless tension headaches no matter how much sleep you get or rest you get?
  • Can you sometimes feel light headed or fatigued and happen to work in a sedentary job that is highly stressful?

Then you might be suffering from TMJ syndrome.

What is TMJ?

IMG_1782The Temporo-mandibular joint is the space behind the ear where you can sometimes feel a gap when you open your mouth wide or yawn. There are tiny ligaments and tendons here at this junction but no matter how small they are, when we are stressed or under pressure these tiny structures can become very tight and painful. This tightness can lead to tension headaches, light-headedness or lack of concentration. It is caused from clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth when you are under any emotional or mental strain.

If left untreated, headaches can ensue and you may also experience tightness in the neck and shoulder region. Some people will experience tingling into the finger-tips when the muscle tension compresses on nerves traveling from the neck down the arms.

Try opening your jaw now, placing your index finger into the gap and if it is very very painful to the touch but also feels like it is slightly relieving your headache then you may have TMJ syndrome.

The Solution

In the Treatment Room

  • Deep tissue massage to the TMJ area and neck and shoulders
  • Dry needling to the specific point of pain in the jaw junction
  • Educating you on relaxation techniques to release tension or reduce ‘clenching’ of the jaw area

At Home

I will show you rehabilitative stretches to the neck and shoulder to reduce tension in the larger muscles surrounding the TMJ.

If you are struggling with Jaw Pain, Headaches or TMJ, please give me a call on 021 2409186 or email me on info@procurolinic.com to book an appointment, I have a great track record of pain relief for TMJ.