Lorraine Blackshields Spinal Therapist

lorraine blackshields spinal therapistMy name is Lorraine Blackshields and I qualified as as a Spinal Therapist in 2005.  I built up experience with an array of different types of patients while working alongside a renowned Ostheopath in the Cork City.  In 2007 I founded Procuro Spinal Therapy Clinic.  I have extensive knowledge in pain diagnosis and management.  I love to problem solve and I specialize in the treatment of hip/pelvic pain, back ache, neck and shoulder pain, which includes neck-related headaches and TMJ problems.

Being an avid runner myself, I treat a lot of runners from 5k-ers to marathon runners in the clinic and I enjoy diagnosing mechanical or structural problems in my patients.  Where you, as the patient may have a recurring injury when running, it is my job to  trouble shoot, analyse the mechanics of the pelvis and leg muscles  and get to the root of the problem aiming to solve your running injury for good.

In recent times I have gained experience in area of Pregnancy Pain.  I see a lot of pregnant women in the clinic who are experiencing pelvic pain or SPD.  This is by far the most rewarding of my work as when you can get a pregnant woman some sleep it is hugely gratifying for both you the patient and me the therapist!  The results speak for themselves!

I have a strong relationship with the new Mater Private Hospital in Citygate, Mahon.  I have a referral system with the hospital where I can refer patients for MRI and X-Ray if and when it is necessary for a complete diagnosis or if the healing properties of the treatment start to slow down for any unknown reason.  This is hugely beneficial to the patient as it shortens the time between referral and examination, allowing for a much faster recovery.

I offer pre-surgery and post-surgery care. Preparing you for surgery for example, knee surgery and hip replacements, while after surgery, ensuring that you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

In short, I am a therapist who prides herself in her work.  I am passionate about health, pain-management and recovery.  I look for the fastest, safest and most practical outcome for my patient.  My goal is to get you better as fast as I can and keep you pain free for as long as possible.  Most patients I see and get better in under a month and once my patient follows an easy  bespoke exercise plan, I should not need to see them again until required.

I am also a recently qualified yoga instructor and use strong yoga postures in my rehabilitation work with patients.

For any queries feel free to email info@procuroclinic.com

Why Choose Me?

I have over 10 years clinical experience in the industry of wellness:

  • Clinical hours one of the busiest ostheopathic clinics in the country
  • Big involvement in running groups and yoga centres
  • Treating patients of all ages, all fitness levels with a variety of different types of complaints

Using my experience I will explain your hopefully short journey to pain relief and recovery.

I will get to know you and your aches and pains on a personal level, therefore, understanding your predicament and  I will design a bespoke treatment to overcome the presenting complaint using my extensive experience.

Common Conditions Treated:

  • Headaches and Neck Pain
  • Running Injuries
  • TMJ and Jaw related pain/headaches
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction