Why Physical Therapy

When you attend a qualified Physical Therapist, you can be certain and reassured of the following:

  • A professional, scientific yet personal approach to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of your complaint.
  • A qualified and experienced practitioner, who is continuously expanding knowledge through education and research.  A therapist who is 100% committed to each patient individually so as to reach a positive outcome to your problem
  • Your therapist is governed by the London and Counties Society of Physiologists (LCSP) and the Irish Institute of Physical Therapy (IIPT) and who is also approved by VHI, Glo Health and AVIVA

The difference between Physcial Therapy and Physiotherapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a private practice setting where each therapist has the freedom and time to commit to each patient individually. It is a hands-on, bio-mechanical treatment of all aspects of the workings of the human body from  physical elements to the cellular.  Using deep tissue manipulation, ultra-sound, dry-needling (Orthopaedic acupuncture) and rehabilitative exercise based on the teachings of Yoga for all-over body wellness to help prevent the injury from returning.

Chartered Physiotherapy

A Chartered Physiotherapist,  also a scientific approach, will be a more hospitalised setting.  Using Rehabilitative exercises to repair damaged tissue and complimentary modalities such as electrotherapy and exercise machines or gym-work and pilates to strenghten core muscular structures.  This is normally in a group setting in a hospital although can now be found in more private practice settings in the community.

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