Our Pregnancy Care Clinic is open in Douglas, Cork to help mums-to-be with problems they assume ‘may not be fixable’.   Like morning sickness and heartburn right through to promoting best health for a natural, shorter and less painful delivery.

The clinic came about over the last few years as Lorraine, our head Physical Therapist was seeing more and more pregnant clients coming with SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction or pelvic girdle pain) as well as hip pain

This condition can cause dramatic discomfort for the patient.   By speaking with gynecologists and training alongside midwives from CUMH Lorraine learned a lot more about it and once she began treating Pregnancy patients, started to see positive results. So she began offering Pregnancy Physical Therapy to her patients.


Pregnancy Reflexology

When Margaret Hennessy – our resident Reflexologist –  came on board, she was able to also provide relief from hormonal issues in pregnancy.  So we combined both treatments to offer help with more than just musculoskeletal pain.  

By using both Physical Therapy and Pregnancy Reflexology, we can bring comfort to any woman suffering a multitude of symptoms specifically related to pregnancy. Issues like pain, nausea, heartburn, morning sickness, breech/transverse babies etc.  We can also prepare the body for labour by promoting optimal health.  Ultimately, this leads to a reduction medical intervention, like induction or C-section if Mum chooses to go down a more natural route.

We feel that if the mother’s  body is in optimal health, baby will do the rest – he/she just needs the space to do that.

Of course there are times where medical intervention is required for the safety of the baby and Mum but here at Procuro we will work to help stop that happening.

Other benefits from these treatments include addressing hormonal imbalances from fertility stage right through to week 42 in pregnancy where Margaret can stimulate hormones to bring on labour naturally.  

What people may not know is that this will also help after the delivery by reducing the likelihood of post-natal depression.  Pregnancy Reflexology is also beneficial if Mum chooses to breastfeed as it stimulates the right hormones to help with lactation or milk production.

Call us today to book your appointment.  We welcome any pregnant mum-to-be from week 12 right up to the last weeks of pregnancy.  You can Book online for Margaret for Reflexology  or for Lorraine for Physical Therapy.  See you at the red door Soon!!  0212397030