Suffering from Neck Pain and Headaches?

By fixing your neck issue, your headache can be relieved. Medically this condition is known as Cervicogenic headaches.  Or a headache caused by injury to your neck muscles or joints in the cervical spine.

Muscle tension in the neck and shoulders, either caused by stress or injury (whiplash for example) can create tightness throughout your neck and into the muscles of the skull.  You may not even realize that your ongoing headache is coming from the neck area but once seen by a physical therapist a diagnosis can be made. The muscular structure in your neck will feel very tight and restricted.  It may feel stiff and achey to turn or side-bend your head. You may find it difficult to get comfortable in bed at night.  Not getting a full rest which in-turn affects your sleep and ultimately doesn’t help your headache!

Literal 'pain in the neck'

Literal ‘pain in the neck’

How can it be fixed?

Once diagnosed as a headache coming from neck tension, it really is more about releasing the tightness of the neck muscles.  This is done through deep tissue massage of your neck muscles, dry needling to release the specific muscle knots in your neck and also using rehabilitative stretches by me the therapist to increase movement of the head and shoulder area.

Sometimes I will need to look at what you are doing posturally either in sport or in work and make some changes to that, to prevent  neck tightness from returning.  In some cases where it is stress that is causing the strain then you and your therapist may speak about stress management and will come up with a long term plan to help you to learn new ways to ease tension to relax mind and muscle.

Sometimes headaches can be caused, from clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth and can create a problem called TMJ or Temporo-mandibular-joint syndrome where muscles and ligaments in your jaw can become tight and sore the same as muscles and ligaments in the rest of your body.  Once again this can be relieved with massage, and dry-needling work.

I am a Physical Therapist who specialises and is familiar with neck related headaches and my treatments have lead to faster safer, non-medicated recovery.

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