Fertility Reflexologist – Margaret Hennessy

margaret hennessyHere we have the very talented Margaret our Reflexologist, Fertility specialist and Pregnancy Care super hero!

Margaret works with the hormonal system to create a more balanced body and mind connection.

Treating conditions from Anxiety related problems like sleep disturbances and IBS to gynecological issues like infertility and menopause.

Margaret’s passion and most popular treatment is Fertility Reflexology.

Her passion and excellence lays in looking after our long line of Pregnant patients, who come through our red door looking for help getting some sleep, turning a breech baby or just looking towards a healthier, more natural labour.

She has had huge success with her 6 week plan with patients reporting shorter and less stressful delivery with less intervention. Happy Mom, Happy baby… even Happy midwives!

If you are expecting or just have any questions regarding your Hormonal Health simply click Book Appointment. 

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