Questions frequently asked in the clinic…….


  • What exactly is a cramp….?  Sciencey bit…  Defined as an imbalance in elecrolytes in a muscle i.e. sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium.  Ordinary Joe explanation... The system lacks these ingredients which can cause the muscle to shorten and the nerve fibres to contract!  Intense pain and spasm in the calf is usually the giveaway sign of a cramp!  OUCH!
  • What is a muscle ‘knot’….? Medical description… “Myofascial Trigger Point” Non medical answer….. A hard ‘lump’ in an overused muscle caused by muscle fibres getting sticky and forming an ‘adhesion’ (Knot!).  These are commonly found in the shoulders for all the stress heads.  Feel your shoulders… bet you’ll find them!  Kudos to you if you don’t have any! 🙂 Deep tissue massage and a long holiday in the sunshine usually helps with this!
  • Why do we swell after injury….? Ok, most of you know it’s an inflammatory response, but essentially it’s the body’s natural reaction to try to stop you moving by rushing the blood to the site of injury and immobilising you with sharp pain! It’s the body’s way of saying “REST”!!
  • What’s the difference between a Ligament and a tendon….? Ligament: Is a shock-absorbing fibrous structure attaching bone to bone so that your skeleton doesn’t collapse! A tendon on the other hand attaches muscle to bone.  In short…. The ligaments hold the skeleton together, the muscles and tendons MOVE it!
  • What’s the difference between a SPRAIN and a STRAIN….? This one is quick…. A ligament sPrains, a tendon/muscle sTrains!
  • Ice V’s heat….? Ice when you have Chronic pain and swelling.  Reason: Ice will slow down the rush of blood (swelling) to the site of injury.  Then, when you take the ice off after the recommended 15 minutes, the blood rushes back in and flushes out toxins!   Easy!  Heat on the other hand, is to treat tired, stiff, overused muscles.  Heating the area will keep the blood pumping and improve the elasticity in the muscle.

*Swelling hates ice but loves heat!  When you keep the swelling warm it is very happy to stay right where it is!  ALWAYS ICE A SWOLLEN JOINT so the swelling will leave!*


  • Why do my knuckles and joints ‘Click’….? The ‘Click’ is a burst of gas or bubbles (Oxygen/nitrogen for the sake of saying it!) that get trapped in a joint!  Bet your all cracking your knuckles now….


  • Why do bones break….? There’s only one answer to this……. ‘COS THEY DO!!  If you hit something hard enough it’s going to break….!


So… that’s a quick run down of the most frequently asked questions that I get in the Clinic!  If you can think of anymore queries or wonderments you have always pondered over, just holler and I’ll do my best to answer them!


Take Care!