For those of you who know the words ‘Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction’ or ‘the shortened version ‘SPD’ (also called Pelvic Girdle Pain) you know the discomfort that comes with it…

It is becoming more common in pregnancy today.  It is classed as “excessive movement of the Symphysis pubis”. This is the piece of cartilage around the pubic area that is required to soften so that a baby can be delivered naturally.  This softening is created by the natural hormone in the body called ‘Relaxin’ being pumped through the body to help to relax or soften the cartilage of the joints of the pelvis to allow delivery of the baby.  Of course we want/need this to happen in pregnancy for a safe delivery but in some cases this natural  function happens too early. Sometimes in the latter end of the FIRST trimester! More commonly though in the third trimester.  The bad news is that if you have suffered SPD in one pregnancy you may experience it again in other pregnancies.  The good news is there is help available in Cork.  Lorraine Blackshields is a qualified Physical Therapist of over 15 years and has recently been certified in Cranial Therapy.  She works with both adults and children and specialises in pre and post pregnancy pain.


  • Pain in the groin/hips/pelvis and back
  • Pain down the inside of the thigh muscles.
  • A grinding or clicking sound in the pubic region
  • Pain at night when laying in bed or trying to turn over


  • Physical Therapy to the adductor muscles or inner thigh to relieve muscle tension reacting to the loosening of the pubic joint.
  • Dry Needling or acupuncture to the groin area to promote natural response of the pain relieving hormones or ‘Opiates’ to relieve pain and also to relax tense/tired muscles
  • Exercise:  Lorraine is a qualified yoga instructor so will be able to advise safe exercises you can do at home to help relieve a lot of this pain.

We also recommend Reflexology treatments in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy to optimize the body for an easier and more in-tune delivery.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or have already been diagnosed with SPD by your Gynecologist or GP, please don’t hesitate to call 0212397030.  Or email Lorraine with any questions you may have at

One to One care guaranteed and you should see improvements within 3 – 4 sessions.


“Treatment with Lorraine at Procuro Clinic was a saviour during a difficult pregnancy.  Professional, sympathetic and good-humoured!  I have no hesitation recommending Lorraine as a Physical Therapist for any woman dealing with SPD or similar pregnancy related pain.”

Sile, Cork

“I’d be delighted to tell anybody about the treatment I received with Lorraine at Procuro’s Pregnancy pain clinic.  Lorraine helped me out so much on both of my pregnancies.  I had so much relief on the first treatment, I left my crutches after me as I left!”

Denise, Cork

“I attended Lorraine Blackshields at Procuro for both of my pregnancies.  She was an utter life-saviour and the relief I got from the treatment was immeasurable!”

Deirdre Hosford, Cork