Hi Everyone!  So here is my first blog of 2010!  In fact it is my first blog ever so bear with me!

This month I would like to talk about everyday headaches!   A lot of people speak to me about migraines and headaches so I felt I should address it in this months blog.

We all suffer from headaches now and again.  Most headaches are predominantly benign in nature. Headaches will strike 2/3 of the population at any one given time.  Some are vascular, some may be related to stress, depression, fatigue, and damaged structures in the cervical spine (neck region). Pathology of the cervical spine may be the trigger for muscle contraction or tension may aggravate existing pathology to produce the headache

To simplify… what people may not know is that if the muscles in the cervical (neck) region are very hypertonic (tight), movement of the head is restricted and pain is apparent, then sometimes ongoing headaches can be experienced too. “Stress/Tension” headaches or mild migraines can be experienced.

While consulting initially with my patient and they complain of headaches, I will always examine the muscles of the neck. I will ask if they have any history with neck injury, for example whip-lash.  If I find that the muscles are extremely tight or  the movement of the head is very restricted, then as part of their treatment plan I will use deep tissue massage to loosen the muscles and some muscle energy techniques to increase the movement.  This will releases the muscle contraction in the neck which in turn frees the muscles covering the cranium (skull) which then can relieve headaches.  If I find there may be residual scar tissue from a whip lash injury, I will use  ultra sound on the affected area to break it down.

I have sometimes had patients in the clinic whose headaches have eased even after one treatment!

Headaches can affect a persons whole personality. In particular if it is interrupting their sleep!   They will easily be distracted, can be lethargic and can be very irritable.  So, to get relief from a simple treatment of massage, ultra sound and exercise, you can imagine how grateful your patient will be feeling!

Obviously if the symptoms persist then a visit to the GP will be recommended.

Thank you for reading and if I can, I will answer any questions you may have!  See you next month!

Take Care