What is Dry Needling?

Dry Needling is a much more recent medical technique and is different to the ancient eastern medicine treatment of  Acupuncture even tho acupuncture needles are used. It involves the use of needles into damaged muscle to correct tight, damaged or inflamed tissue.  Using both the ancient concept of Chinese Acupuncture by restoring the flow of ‘Chi’ (Energy) and the Western belief that the needle insertion triggers a natural healing reaction in your body.  Your body does this by, releasing opiates (pain-relieving hormones)  from the brain or nervous system, to the muscle cells to promote  blood flow and healing.  In short… by inserting the needle into the injured area, your brain jump starts into self healing mode by producing more protein and blood flow, sending it to the injury site, to heal itself along with natural pain relief! Simples!

When would you need Dry Needling!

When you are in pain or injured I’m thinking you want to find the FASTEST way of getting back to full health as possible.  Dry needling will provide this for you.  It will target pain and discomfort specifically where it is stemming from and it also boosts blood flow to your muscles allowing you to feel looser and more pain-free after your treatment.

What is the difference between Dry-needling and Acupuncture?

Dry needling is performed by western medical practitioners and physical therapists, using acupuncture needles, to treat conditions  specifically related to musculo-skeletal conditions.   Acupuncture is based on a two thousand year old Chinese medicine ethos, using meridians in the body to challenge all types of physical and psychological ailments. It would be incorrect to assume that a practitioner who uses dry-needling as part of a treatment process is also an Acupuncturist.

NB* Dry Needling is used as only part of your treatment plan.  Physical Therapy will be the main focus in the healing process as it concentrates on the Bio-mechanics of your injury.  But a multi-dimensional treatment plan which includes dry-needling is a sure-fire way to promote a successful recovery for you!*

What conditions will Dry-Needling treat?

LOADS!! From Whiplash to tendonitis, no matter what your injury or pain, dry needling will relax your muscles, reducing pain and stiffness.  Combined with  pain relieving hormones released from your brain, it will make you feel more restful and pain free.  Also, it is used for specific conditions like, TMJ, inflammation, muscle tears and it’s especially great for Symphysis Pubis in pregnancy.

“Dry needling has proven itself to be a valuable tool in promoting self healing in the body for all physical ailments and has halved healing time in my practice.  It has also reduced the ‘rest period’ that is usually required from an athlete or sports person to start the healing process.”

Lorraine Blackshields – Procuro Physical Therapy Clinic, Cork (January 2017)